hybrid bike

Most often than not, classification of similar objects are usually due to their purposes. Even the features of these objects are tailored to suit these purposes. This is the case of the different bikes. Although they all have two wheels, pedals, brakes and many other similar parts, they are not exactly the same. The focus today is on hybrid bikes.

The world hybrid is often used to describe something or someone who bridges the gap between two different yet similar objects or people. In the case of an object like a bike, a hybrid bike borrows features from similar bikes. It takes some features from the road bike and some from the mountain bike. This is to ensure that it is an all-around bike.

The hybrid bike is a jack of all trades but master of none. It can ride faster than a mountain bike but is not as fast as a road bike. Although you can use it for off-road duties, it is not the same as a mountain bike.

Hybrid Bike Features

As stated earlier, the features of a hybrid bike is what makes it different. The feature also sees to its performance either on the road or in an off-road terrain. Below are some features of a hybrid bike:

Hybrid Bike Suspension

The suspension of a bike is what enables a smooth ride. Save for the suspension, bike riders will feel the effect of every single bum they encounter. The suspension takes all the shock and cushions the effect.

Going by the function of a suspension, everyone will agree that mountain bikes demand a better suspension. Hybrid bikes often have fitted suspension. However, its off-road use is very limited. This type of suspension is nowhere near that of a mountain bike.

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Hybrid Bike Wheel Size

The size of the wheel also plays a similar role to the suspension. Race cars tend to have smaller tires. Tires help the rider to navigate easily. However, they also help carry the weight of the bike.

Hybrid bike tires are often bigger, unlike the narrower road bike ones. Bigger tires also mean more comfortable rides. However, you will not be able to ride as fast or navigate tight corners.

Hybrid Bike Braking System

The braking system of any vehicle very much tells almost all you need to know about the speed and power of the vehicle. Faster bikes often require very efficient braking systems.

Hybrid bikes may be faster than mountain bikes but are not the fastest bikes. Most hybrid bikes use v-brakes, disc brakes and mechanical brakes.

Hybrid Bike Handling System

The entire handling system of a bike is designed to suit its purpose. A hybrid bike is a very diverse bike. It all comes down to your taste. While the handle bars are flat like mountain bikes, the gears are very different.   There are single speed and wide-ranging cassettes. The handling and braking are more similar to those of mountain bikes.

Other Features of a Hybrid Bike

Aside the essential features, hybrid bikes also offer certain additional features. Some hybrid bikes have mudguards, panier racks and the likes. Hybrid bikes can also be customized to suit your needs. 

You can add features like a carrier basket in front. However, the earlier stated functions are the basic features.