The history of the Bmx bike is an intriguing one that every lover of the sport would like to learn. BMX stands for Bicycle Motocross. In the 1970s, the popular Motocross sports influenced the rave for the new improved BMX bikes.

The Bicycles became more famous as teenage Californian cycling fans started building their BMX racing bikes as a low-cost alternative to Motocross.

Like to learn more about the man touted to have invented the BMX Bike, read on.

Is there an Inventor of the BMX?

Bob Haro is publicized as the inventor of the BMX. In 1976, Bob Haro and John Swanuen were creating spectacular shows in street and skate parks. In 1979, Haro formed a BMX Action Trick Team with R.L.Osborn.

That crew performed for about seven years. In the 1980s, Haro left to start the Haro Bikes Mountain and BMX bicycle manufacturing company.

Apart from racing, that team made freestyle BMX riding, tricks, and intricate routines famous and widely watched on sports programs on television and magazines.

Today, Haro is officially named the ‘father of Freestyle.” Freestyle is now extensively featured as one of the main events in the summer annual X Games Extreme sports. It is also featured in the ETNIES backyard jam, held primarily in two coastal states in the United States.

freestyle bmx

History of the BMX Bicycle

You can trace the history of the BMX bike to the 1950s in the Netherlands where Motocross sports began. Besides, riding motorbikes on dirt tracks may have inspired BMX racing.

Examining the 1960 catalogs of American Schwinn BMX displayed racers on dirt tracks. Also, On Any Sunday’, a riding film, may have influenced the love for BMX racing. That motorcycle film opened with teenagers racing Schwinn Stingray bicycles off-road.

Another attraction of the BMX bike to teenagers was its low cost. As the sport started having mass appeal, bicycle makers began building designs with improved gears for BMX sports events. BMX racing soon exploded into a sport.

In 1974 George Esser set up a BMX National League in Florida, and in 1977. Then, the American Bicycle Associate was launched to manage the sport. Also, the BMX Federation started in 1981, then the first world championship was held in 1982.

The BMX Federation joined the cycling sports organization- Union Cycliste Internationale, in 1993. In 2008 in Beijing, BMX racing became an Olympic sport event.

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Types of BMX Bicycle and Their Use

A BMX bicycle is used for racing in off-road tracks and performing stunts. We have put the BMX bikes into five types by their use.

  • Park BMX bicycles are built light and without mechanical improvements. You ride it in half-pipes or skate parks.
  • Flatland BMX bikes are built with balancing capabilities and used for dancing stunts on flat surfaces and performing skilled procedures.
  • Street BMX bicycles often have no brakes, weigh more than other types, and have steel pegs reaching the axle for riders to stand on during stunt procedures. Riders can perform on handrails, drops, stairs, and ledges with the bike.
  • Dirt riding BMX bikes are for racing on dirt or jump paths and have wider tires for firmer control on dirt roads.
  • Racing BMX bicycles have improved brakes and extensive front sprockets created for a faster driving pace.

Various types of BMX Bicycles are built from steel and aluminum for strength, speed, easy operation, and durability.